Mad Housers

IMAGE: Mad Housers

The Mad Housers are a kind group of volunteers from Atlanta, Georgia who build free homes for homeless people. Anyone who wants to know how can see steps on the Mad Housers’ website, and even start their own Mad Housers group.

IMAGE: Mad Housers

In 2008,  Mad Housers met in Athens, Georgia at a homeless camp on Lexington Road called Tent City.  They built a hut for Radar, a young war veteran.

Mad Housers Build

PHOTO: Mad Housers


1. What is the main idea of this article?

2. How do you think Radar felt?

3. What does volunteer mean? Click here to go to a kids’ online dictionary. Use the word in a sentence.

4. Why do some people choose to volunteer?

5. Why do some people choose not to volunteer?

6. What does veteran mean? Click here to go to a kids’ online dictionary. Use the word in a sentence that has an adjective.

7. In 2013, there were more than 57,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Why do you think the number is so high?

8. How is life different for veterans than people who are not veterans?

9. How could a family become homeless?

10. Sometimes homeless people hold signs that ask for help. Some people donate food or money. Some people don’t. Why would someone not help a homeless person?

11. If you could sit down and talk to a homeless person, what questions would you ask?


E     X     T     E     N     D     .     .     .     .

1. Start a food/clothing drive! Brainstorm a list of important items families use every day such as clothes, food, school supplies and books. Create a sign and a collection box so people can donate things. Contact a local homeless shelter to pick-up the donations, or ask a parent or guardian to drop them off. Leave a comment here and tell the world what you’re doing to help people in need. For more information, explore the links below.

14 Children’s Picture Books About Homelessness

Homelessness Fact Sheet for Kindergarten-Second Grade Students

Mad Housers Inc.

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