Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi (New York Times)

PHOTO: Pavel Golovkin/Associated Press

Click the image above or right here to read the article.


1. What is the main idea of this article?

2. Who is Olga Melnikova?

3. Why are there so many stray dogs?

4. How are they being rescued?

5. Who is the oligarch mentioned in the article?

6. An oligarch is one of the rulers in an oligarchy. Click here to go to a children’s online dictionary. Look-up oligarchy. Use the word in two sentences.

7. Why would someone going to Russia for the Olympics adopt a dog?

8. Why would someone going to Russia for the Olympics not adopt a dog?

9. What happens if a dog is not rescued?

10. What would you do about the dogs if you went to the Olympics?


E     X     T     E     N     D     .     .     .     .

1. Love animals? Global Animal is an online news magazine for people who love pets, and believe all animals have the right to live a healthy, happy life. Click here to read about people around the world who are working to help species other than our own.

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